Congratulations! You have made that big leap in life and decided to spend it with someone else. Don’t let shoddily designed wedding invitations cards ruin your big day.

Remember, the first impression is very important. That’s why your wedding invitations should scream from the rooftops, “We are Celebrating Love.”

They need to be unique and give the invitees as much information as possible. The “I DO” moment, might happen once in your lifetime. Therefore, as the day is special, so should be the wedding invitations.

Seeking professional help with the undertaking, is always a step in the right direction. At Mixbook, we have made it our life’s purpose to help make your special day a success. Our unparalleled service to our clients is unmatchable.

Mixbook wedding invites will not only help you create the first impression you want but also help you to announce your big day in style.

With that in mind, here are the things to consider when designing wedding invitation cards.

  • Design Matters

Wedding invitations cards serve as the first peek into your big day, so you need to take time to get it right. It is of paramount essence you explore several designs before you settle on one.

Make sure you explore different color schemes. The lettering and message should be clear and legible. Consider whether you are looking for something detailed or minimal.

If you are not sure, always consult professionals. At Mixbook, you can work with our highly-qualified staff to come up with killer designs.

We prioritize your ideas while advising accordingly on the Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Work with a Budget

It would be a shame to design world-class invitation cards only to realize you cannot afford the wedding. Right from the word go, set a budget and make sure to stick with it. Try to figure out how many guests you can comfortably accommodate.

One invite per family is the perfect way to go about things. This might seem obvious but it is a common mistake many people make.

Mixbook wedding invites are both unique and pocket-friendly.

  • Remember to Decorate

In this phase, just keep it simple and elegant. To make those cards that will make everybody go “WOW,” you have to be very creative.

A ribbon down the spine of the cards is a great plus—use it as a belt or divider. Integrate decorative papers for panels, wraps, and strips to add a sparkle to your wedding invitation card.

Using 3D sticky pads to build up depth will for sure separate your cards from the crowd. At Mixbook, our embellishments come in a different range of colors and styles.

Don’t struggle with your wedding invitations card décor. At Mixbook your wish is our command.

  • Don’t Forget the Envelope

A special occasion calls for a special envelope. You don’t want your wedding invitation to be confused with an ordinary water or electrical bill.

Many people will always judge the content of the wedding invitation card by its envelope. Design elegant envelopes that will just create that irresistible first impression.

Make sure that it will be the first mail the invitee will open in a pile. Making it with a pearlescent is always a wise move.

Mixbook wedding invites are out of this world. Why don’t you sit back and let the pros handle the process for you? We are reliable, available, precise, and always meet our deadlines.

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