The city of Abu Dhabi is second top most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates.  The city has a lot of special and adventurous locations to visit by the tourist.  It also offering various types of Safari packages which are poorly designed based on the tourist taste.  Let’s have some more information about the desert safari packages available and what is the special and thrilling practice included.

The abu dhabi desert safari

The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari basically covers and adventurous part by the tourists in the desert.  In the Safari tourist can have arrived in a luxury Toyota Cruiser where it will take you through the desert ups and downs.  You can experience great thrilling moments, a backdrop of sand will follow your vehicle back side which you can’t see anywhere else. You can have the desert safari even on a camel ride and also the bike ride.  Comparatively the camel ride is a bit slower than other rides, but you can have a cool and consistent joyful experience throughout the Safari.

In between the Safari you can have a couple of spots where you can take some time for the snacks and enjoy the live performances.

Al khatim Desert Safari

While in the middle of Safari you can able to see temporally established hotels and resorts where you can see the real Arabic taste and Aroma and also can taste the real dates. Serving special Arabic dishes in a traditional way like food and liquids along with dance performance on live will bring a great joyful moment to enjoy.

Abu Dhabi Morning Safari

The morning Desert Safari is entirely different than other Safari packages available.  In the early morning before Sunrise you can see a different sightseeing of the desert.  The long view of the desert will give a glow and Shiny golden colour which you can’t imagine to see anywhere else. The morning safari will take you from different spots in the desert where you can see a couple of desert trees and locations like temporary performance oriented Sports.

In the morning Safari, you can also able to see the native people trading and their traditional apartments as well. You can have some time to sit and enjoy the location and also to take pictures of the beauty can also do the trading with the native people.

Al Ain Desert Safari

The Al Ain Desert Safari Is another new approach mint where you can take your right through in a vehicle or on a camel or can also go with bike riding as well.  You can also find the skating boards providing the experienced people assistance for skating on the sand. It really brings a great adventurous experience throughout the safari.

In addition to this, the food which source in the desert prepared in Arabic traditional style will give a great taste which you can’t have in any other location.  The overall Desert Safari is completely performed under the supervision of experts. The scope of experiencing the difficulties while suffering is completely zero. Enjoy the beauty of the city and desert safari at the right time. For better information and to avail special packages available can contact the services providers available in the locality. They can provide complete details and service packages available and also provides you with the proper schedule to visit each and every location without missing any. Desert safari packages are completely different and they have significance among the overall packages. Depending on the services and facilities offering the package costing may vary slightly. But under a proper guide or service provider supervision, you can make your trip a joyful moment.