China is so big and has so much to offer, it can be hard to decide where to focus your explorations. Discover three fascinating cities to get a lot of incredible experiences and variety.

Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian are extraordinary cities. For the ultimate immersion experience, explore on your own with a guide, car, and driver. While touring with a group can be fun, traveling alone gives you full customization over your experience. There is so much to see in China, you will want to tailor your experience to your own interests and comfort level.

You can explore all five of Beijing’s World Heritage Sites.

The Great Wall is one of China’s most iconic landmarks, and these cities offer you the opportunity to see some of the most strategically important areas of the wall.

The Terracotta Army is among the most extraordinary man made creations in the world. These sculptures were buried with an emperor to protect him in the afterlife, and they still stand in excellent condition. Depending on their position in the army, these figures are larger or smaller, to represent more or less importance. Even horses were depicted among the Terracotta Warriors.

Shanghai is one of the most sophisticated, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Indulge yourself in all the luxuries this sophisticated city has to offer. Explore the elegant waterfront and find peace and meditation in the Yu Yuan Garden.

Join the bustling Old City Bazaar to feel like part of the old city, and then marvel at the futuristic skyline of the financial district.

If you are more interested in exploring natural jungles and majestic landscapes, a luxury tour of Peru might be for you. Eat dinner while admiring a fourth century pyramid, and sink your teeth into a farm to table meal in the Sacred Valley.

Wonder at the ancient Inca sites and then become part of the lively events at the San Pedro Market. Select your own traditional Andean ingredients and cook a rooftop meal.

You can enjoy the striking views of the agricultural fields set against magnificent mountain backdrops.

Peru offers incredible sites around Lake Titicaca, as well as floating islands where native communities live.

The neighborhoods of Peru are colorful and vibrant, and will suck you in just like the magnificent views of the mountains. Sprawling courtyards packed with gorgeous plants and signs of ancient Peruvian culture fill the lovely towns.

Enjoy the rich artistic cultural heritage of Peru, especially the traditional textile arts that are well known in the region. See native weavers practicing the art that has been passed down for generations. It is exceedingly rare to see such old arts at work, and to see such magnificent textiles as the result is truly incredible.