Nestled between the sea and the Scandinavian mountains; Norway is a cold heaven on earth.  The colourful Nordic country might not be big, but it certainly can be explored in a myriad of ways. Sometimes too many choices can be confusing and an uninformed decision can really prove to be fatal. Improvisation is welcome but putting it in a scaffolding of an itinerary is always advised. No need to get all that serious though. This list will cover three of the best ways in which you can get around the country of Norway.

Private Tours

Want to go on a conducted tour with all the facilities arranged for beforehand? Don’t like strangers? Then this is for you. Private tours to Norway are tailored to your needs and are very flexible.  They are exclusive. There is a lot to choose from and it is not wise to put in the labour of planning when the cherry has already been plucked and served on a platter for you. Just pick a destination and you are set.  Private tours usually come with your own car, whether you are alone or with family and friends. The tour company will be at your beck and call along with a guide. These don’t even have fixed dates and can be arranged according to your own availability and desires.

The best part of being in this region of the Scandinavian Peninsula is the Norway northern lights tours where you get to chase the ever-mystifying Aurora Borealis and ride husky sledges. Private tours are the best way to explore new places and it is highly recommended. So pick a city! Or maybe string a few of them together!

Small Group Tours

Humans are predominantly social beings and travelling in groups is an evolutionary characteristic. This is primarily why, as a species, we have survived a long period of time when in spite of being ‘the hunted’. The situation today might be drastically different, no chance of getting killed by a mammoth, but our social memory, embedded deep within the collective unconscious, makes us feel safer when we are travelling in groups. Travelling in a small group of complete strangers have its downsides too, lack of emotional privacy for one. You are required to maintain a certain decorum. The trip will be pre-determined and will sway to the demands of the consensus.  Also, most group tours have criteria for a minimum number of people which needs to be fulfilled in order for it to operate.

That doesn’t mean it is not enjoyable. A lot of people, especially people on a budget opt for small group tours. It is also a nice way to meet new people in a relatively safe environment. Plus you get the added benefit of having the tour planned and everything arranged for. Although, these don’t always go according to plan. But what is life without a little adventure eh?

Solo Trippin’

For those of us that like to live life and just not fret, solo is the way to go. Figure out everything by yourself and plan accordingly. Book your stay and chalk out routes that you want to follow, all on your own.  Maybe even bunk all that and just hit the street. Land at the airport and take things from there.

It might sound attractive but it does have its own set of problems. If you don’t book your stay, in accordance to the season you’re going, you might end up in dire straits, especially in a place you’ve never been to and don’t know the native language. Travelling alone means you put yourself at risk on the road. The climate of Norway is severe so if you are not a seasoned traveller and not accustomed to such harsh conditions, you just might fall sick.

Despite all this, travelling solo has its own charms. You get to mix intensely with the locals and if you are lucky enough you can be a part of the local culture.  You get to see the unexplored parts of the country and maybe even get invited to somebody’s home and break bread with them. The risks are high but so are the rewards.

Weighing the Odds

Considering everything it absolutely recommended and that you take the private tour if you want to travel like a king or a queen. It is hands down the best option. Although a little finance intensive, you get absolutely what you pay for and perhaps even more.

Small group tours come second because of its safety and social possibilities but if you are travelling with your family then you might want some privacy.

Lastly, solo travelling can’t really be measured like this. If you are meant for it then you are meant for it. Otherwise, if you are not the globetrotter type then it is really a lot of hassle.

Hope you make the choice that is best for you. God Hjemreise!