Banco Santander, or as its New York Stock Exchange goes, NYSE: SAN at , is a Spanish multinational bank based in Madrid and Spain. It conducts all its businesses under the Santander Group. It is the 16th largest banking institution in the world and has a presence across all global financing centers. Banco Santander is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50, Stock Market Index. It was also ranked 37th among 2000, in the Forbes List of the world’s biggest public companies. Santander is Spain’s largest bank and the 5th largest bank in the whole of Europe. It has a total asset under management (AUM) of $1.4 trillion.

More AboutBanco Santander

This massive public company was founded in 1857 as Banco De Santander. Along with its subsidiaries, it provides a lot of retail and commercial services. These services are available for individuals and businesses around the world. It offers all types of savings type accounts and other financial aids like loans, capital solutions, etc. It operates all the tasks of management, export, trading, mortgage, and many more through its 13,217 branches across the world. Through all its services, it has surged its NYSE: SAN stocks at a very high rate.

What Investors Look For

Before investing or buying stocks of any company, the individual or the investors go through a definitive checklist of the criteria that the company deals with. The comprehensive list includes various aspects like market cap, yearly goals, average volume, etc. Like every other company that wants to attract more investors to invest in the company, Banco Santander also has a list of facts that allows the stocks to be sold more. This list includes many factors on how good or bad the company has been performing and the company has to maintain good records if they want more investors.

The Big Banco Santander List

The list includes several parameters that help investors in buying stocks at the NYSE: SAN. The factors are:

  1. Exchange – NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  2. Sector – Finance
  3. Industry – Commercial Banks
  4. Yearly Target – $2.40
  5. Share Volume – 7,738,804
  6. Average Volume Label – 11,070,715
  7. Yearly High/Low – $4.74/ $1.90
  8. Market Cap – 41,524,210,393
  9. P/E (Price to Earnings) Ratio – 8.33
  10. Current Yield – 3.46%

All the above factors play a vital role in the decision making of the investors to buy or sell their stocks. According to the recent trend, most investors consider buying stocks of Banco Santander.

Banco Santander has been great in its game ever since the 1850s. It has provided a lot of value to normal people and that has enabled the company to grow so well. It has and always will be one of the best companies for traders and investors for option trading . Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.