Approaching Zigong
    Located in the south Sichuan, Zigong is the origin of Chinese salt industry and famous for its names of “salt capital”, “hometown of dinosaur” and “the lantern city of south China” both home and abroad. It is a member of the world geological parks, national famous historical and cultural cities, and China’s excellent tourism cities.

    Zigong comprises of four districts and two counties with an area of 4373 square kilometers; at the end of 2012, the population totaled 3.27 million, and the urbanization rate was 44.3%. The land coverage of city center reaches 100 square kilometers with population of one million and is listed in the special big cities with “two hundreds”. In 2012, the city's GDP reached 88.5 billion yuan, increased by 13.9% than that of the previous year, and maintained rapid growth for successive years.
    The mountains and waters of Zigong are graceful, beautiful, and delicate. Elegance and smartness are blended. One can explore the mysterious spinulose tree fern valley, boat in Suangxi Lake, walk in Qingshanling Mountain, live in Nongtuan farmers’ inns, and pilgrim around the first big Tathagata Buddha---Rongxian Big Buddha. One can feel the usual quietness and comfort.

    The traffic to Zigong is convenient. There are expressways connecting to Chengdu, Chongqing, and Yibin. With the gradual completion of Chengdu-Chongqing, Chengdu-Zigong-Luzhou, and Leshan-Zigong expressways, a 1.5-hour commuter circle will be formed direct to Chengdu and Chongqing.
    Half green hills and half towers form the city, clear river water flows around the city. Zigong city, a city combined with the old and the modern, nature and civilization, delicacy and grandness, will attract the attention of more and more tourists with its unique charm. Accompanied with the ancient myth of dinosaurs, salt cultural accumulation, and city characteristic of colorful lanterns, Zigong will open its warm arms to welcome all of you.
    Let salt crystallize the friendship, let lanterns light your journey, and let delicious salt school cuisines nourish the life......
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