International Dinosaur Lantern Festiva

    The display of fireworks and the sea of lanterns seem to have made a paradise. In the colorful lanterns world, the crowd and the lantern sea look like flusters of cloud. With a long history and full-bodied local customs and folk colors,Zigong lantern festival has formed a rich cultural accumulation. 、With the feature of grandness,ingenious conception, exquisite workmanship, andvividness,Zigong lantern festival is famed both home and abroad.
    With the continuous innovation from the tradition,the combination of traditional handicraft with modern science and technology, and,the combination of cultural connotation and modern fashion, Zigong lantern show has created endless new and exotic colorful lanterns and irradiated fascinating artistic charms.
    In the 2014 20th Huashang International City Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival and Trade Fair, the 119 big- and mid-scale lantern sets, more than 10 interactive entertainment programs and unique Zigong cuisine have provided us a brilliantly visional carnival of colorful lanterns.
    Under the tenet of “taking lantern show as a medium of vibrating economy”, the lantern festival of this year has carried out the spirit of rigorous enforcement of economy called for by the central government, originality priority, elaborate arrangement and handicraft innovation; The frugality and environment-friendly concepts have been displayed fully.
    With the special feature of “shape, color, sound, light and motion”, Zigong lantern show has made a stir again in the southwest China, become a highlight of Sichuan tourism and attracted numerous visitor from both home and abroad.
Besides all the beautiful lanterns, visitors can still participate in all kinds of interactive programs. “The “grand stage in the lantern festival” provides refined and popular performance to visitors. Lantern festival girls provide warm services to you. The famous Chinese painters’ painting show gluts your eyes. The “brush and in coincidence . Zigong passion” show is free of charge. The 2014 China (Zigong) first salt sculpture competition and salt sculpture works show come on stage. Experiencing the Korean 3D Trick Art .Experiencing the original Korean style.Boundless enjoyment of guessing a riddle and intelligence programs with award.All kinds of delicacies and snacks on Salt Capital Plaza stimulate your taste.Each program is all excellent and attractive,adding a joyous atmosphere to the lantern festival. Lantern, the jumpy spirit of Zigong city;Lantern, the constant complex of Zigong people.In the park, along Fuxi River, in the middle of the river, on treelawn, on trees and buildings, the lanterns are shining everywhere around the city. you may be intoxicated, excited and sauntering again and again.This is a city woven with light and lantern.This is a city integrated into lantern and scenery. The 20th Huashang International City . Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival and Trade Fair
endows a new lingering charm to the “Lantern City in South China”, provides you a lantern works show of the first class in China, and a folk culture feats with Chinese characteristics. The beauty is more than that of the heaven street and the mirage.
The brilliant “first lantern show in the world”enriches the “Five-Zigong Programs”, and represents the wisdom of Zigong people. Zigong, the lantern city in south China, will stand on the top of Chinese lantern culture forever.


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