We live in a fast paced, achievement focused society. Our worth is determined by how much we achieve and how fast we accomplish these achievements.  When we get there, we are expected to go even further and in fact questioned as to why we aren’t already there. Then, when we are nearing the end of our proverbial rope, some well-meaning person, be it our friends, family, co-workers, boss or even stranger tells us to chill out, relax, enjoy life, and find your happy place.

The expectations we put on ourselves or that others put on us snuff out any time or energy we have for this elusive “happy place”.  We stress out about money, health, kids, parents, spouses, work, bosses, co-workers, and the endless to-do list. Some of these things are real and some are irrational.  This is when it’s essential to shift your focus from stress overload to a calmer state of mind. There are ways on how to put the brakes on anxious, negative thinking and switch gears.

STOP Technique

Let’s start with the simple STOP technique.  STOP stands for Start to Observe Positives.  First, you need to literally, STOP.  When a negative thought pops into your mind, say out loud, STOP.  Picture in your head the red octagon shape with the white letters you learned to read when you were a toddler. Use this as your visual cue to STOP thinking negatively.

The next step is Start to Observe Positives. Look at each situation and find something positive. It can be a lesson you learned, a comical observation, a new way of understanding another person, or even the all-powerful, ”well, I’ll never have to do that again”. Learning to consciously shift your thinking from negative to positive is a huge step. You’ve been thinking a certain way for many years. Be consistent with this new way of thinking. Think of it like learning a new language. Just as it takes consistent repetition and practice over time to perfect a new language, this will also require practice.

Day 1   Take deep breaths – set an hourly alarm on your phone and take ten deep breaths each time it goes off

Day 2   Say please and thank you (to as many people as you can)

Day 3 Smile (A LOT and to as many people as you can)

Day 4   Tell 2 people something you appreciate about them

Day 5   Write 5 positive intentions for your day on a sticky note and carry it in your pocket

Day 6   Visualize you accomplishing a goal

Day 7 Buy Kratom for you, as this is one of the best external yet organic methods to calm yourself down and go towards a path of serenity. But, you may wonder, what is kratom?

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