Sometimes you are just in the mood for a specific food, like some spicy or cheesy take out in Victoria, and other times you are obsessing over which place to order from because your fridge is totally empty. Maybe you’re having a fun movie night with a friend and you want to get pizza in downtown Victoria or you’re having a date night and you want to get takeout.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing it for, any time is a good time to get take out in Victoria! But you can always add some nice things to it to make it a pairing to remember. Check out our top five fun ideas for coupling things with takeout and get some ideas for what you can do to make already great takeout even greater! Read on to find out more.

5 Fun Things to Pair with Takeout

  1. A friend and your favourite movie.

Hanging out with your friend is the perfect time to grab a movie and grab some food too! Hanging with buds is always a good time. Whether spending time with one friend or hanging out with a few, a movie and takeout with the lights off is the perfect way to spend any night – or even any day! Cinema time plus takeout equals happiness, always!

  1. A wine.

Sure it may be strange to pair a wine with your takeout – but is it really such a crazy idea? You may even be intrigued by the challenge and learn a bit more about how food and wine can be paired! Maybe you want to do white for fish – what about a Sauv Blanc with a fish fry dish? The sky is the limit! Don’t be afraid to get creative with what you’re doing and you might find this is a fun little game to play with takeout and food you make at home as well.

  1. An al fresco location.

Pair take out with a great outdoor location and you cannot lose! Al fresco is always the way to go if it’s nice out and you’re in the mood for it. Go wherever your heart desires, from a park to your backyard. It’s a great way to eat with the sun on your face and a breeze gently blowing.

  1. Your favourite shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Eat moderately and binge your shows in tandem – it’s the healthiest binging you can do. Getting your favourite shows knocked out while eating some great takeout is a huge guilty pleasure. If you’re behind on Game of Thrones or your show of the moment, you can easily just grab a meal or your favourite take out and catch up! Why not?

  1. Quirky condiments, sauces, and sides.

Whether you’re eating Chinese food take out or grabbing some pizza in downtown Victoria, if you’re taking it back to your place to eat then you’ve got to add some options! Condiments and sauces are a fun way to put a flavour twist on what you’ve already ordered. Try sweet and sour sauce, Japanese mayo, or Ranch for pizza. If you’re eating Asian foods, try something you would never expect – Caesar dressing, anyone?