Selecting a beach hotel is a cumbersome process. You have to look at the hotels online and compare prices of the hotels. While looking at hotels online you have to make sure of following points-

  • Distance- Check whether the distance between the beach and your hotel. If you stay miles away from the beach and travelling to the beach takes an hour or more, you should go for hotels near the beach.
  • Price- You know how much you can spend and you have your budget charted out for hotel accommodation. Apartments for rent are a common feature near the beach. Consider renting an apartment which lets you have the comfort of home while being away from home.
  • Customer Service: Hoteling is a service based industry and thus good service is the first thing someone looks while selecting a hotel. The staff at the hotel must be friendly and must be helpful. Look for these features in the hotel staff before selecting a hotel.
  • Ambience- You must also take in consideration the environment around the place where you stay. If you are travelling with kids and the environment is not kids friendly, you would regret booking the hotel. Therefore make sure that you book the hotel taking into consideration the ambience.
  • Flexibility- Choose a hotel which is flexible in your accommodation. Suppose you booked hotel rooms for four people and now you have an extra guest with you. The staff must be cooperative enough that they’d arrange for extra mattresses. Some hotels have a very strict policy that they don’t allow extra guest along with the guests. Stay away from such hotels.
  • Reviews and testimonies- Look for reviews and testimonies for the experience with the hotel. Experience and reviews about the service, locality and ambience will help you decide.
  • Look at the map- If the hotel website has a floor map for the room or photos or videos of the room look for it. It would help you decide in a better way.
  • Decide your preference- If for you Wi-Fi is an important factor, choose hotels that provide free Wi-Fi. If you prefer hotels that provide you with a free meal during the day, go for such hotels.
  • Check-in time- If you are arriving at 7 am and would like to leave at 8 am the next morning and the check-in time is 12 pm, you would be required to pay for two days. Check for a hotel which has check-in time around the time that you would arrive. Also look for a 24-hour reception.

Selecting a hotel is not magic but with few tips, you can select a hotel which can make your experience magical. Beach hotels are better in Manly than beach hotels in Sydney. For beach hotels, consider Manly Beach accommodation.