Who says international roaming is expensive? It’s affordable and worth the investment when you team up with Airtel.

Of all the tedious tasks you must complete before you leave for a foreign holiday, figuring out international roaming on your phone plan is the worst. You have to trawl through the available plans from your provider, compare pack prices and grapple through long winded activation processes.

Which is why we recommend going with Airtel international calling, which is the best in its category. We have 5 reasons to back our claim:

#1. The pack is easy to activate.

In all the rush to leave for the trip and the thousands of things you have to take care of before you leave, you might leave the international roaming activation for last. Providers like Airtel understand that international travellers don’t have the time or headspace to go searching for different plans and packs, and even less time to get the activation done at the provider’s store. Airtel international roaming is easy to book online. Just enter the details asked, browse through the available packs, and make your purchase in minutes. The pack is then activated on the date that you choose.

#2. There are multiple packs to choose from.

Airtel also offers multiple pack options. You can choose between 3 packs: 1-day (Rs 649 per day), 10 days (Rs 359 per day) and 30 days (Rs 133 per day), as per the duration of your holiday. You get 500 MB free data on the 1-day plan, 3 GB free data on the 10-days pack, and 5 GB free data on the 30-days pack.

#3. You get additional, useful benefits.

Apart from the data and low pricing on the packs mentioned above, Airtel international calling also comes free for a certain number of minutes per pack. You get 100 free outgoing call minutes on the 1-day pack, 250 free minutes on the 10-days pack, and 500 free minutes on the 30-days pack. Do note that Airtel international calling provides these free minutes on calls to India only. Standard ISD rates apply after the free minutes are over. Meanwhile, you also get 100 free SMSs per pack, whatever its duration. Airtel international calling is unlimited free for incoming calls.

#4. You can take a standard IR plan instead of a pack.

If you don’t want a prepaid pack, then you can choose a postpaid plan with standard Airtel international calling rates and other features. The company does not levy additional costs for activating this plan. But do check the features and benefits when you sign up.

#5. The billing is transparent and customer service is excellent.

Airtel is renowned for excellent customer support and ease of use even on foreign soil. Unlike other service providers, who make it difficult to get in touch or even modify or cancel the international roaming plan while abroad, Airtel customer support is just a call away. Besides, you pay only for what you use, as regards data and calling minutes. There are no hidden charges and you get an itemised bill if you opt for a postpaid roaming connection.