Road to get to the Soca River is an unforgetable experience by itself, as it is one of the most beautiful roads along the north-western Slovenia. It will take us at Altitude activities about an hour and a half to descent down the Emerald river on the Soca River rafting, which will be about 8 km along the one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. This really will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your visit to Slovenia. You will get to enjoy a special emerald colour of the river, with riverbed filled with rounded white rocks, with unspoilt nature to be seen along the way, while admiring the over 2000 m high Mt. Kanin in the background. There is a great chance that there will still be snow on Mt. Kanin, which is the highest Slovenian ski resort.

The Soca River rafting – the most historic rafting experience

Our guide from Altitude activities will safely guide you along the white waters, and will have some stories about this area ready for you. Soca and the Soca River rafting is a magnificent adventure, but not just due to adrenaline and great unspoilt surroundings, but also because of great history of the area. And perhaps, if you choose Altitude activities’ organised transport, our driver/guide will tell you about bloody history of this area during the 1st World War and earlier.

The Soca river rafting with Altitude activities

There are many agencies offering the Soca River rafting, so why choose us? It is simply because we are a team of the most enthusiastic, friendly, experienced guides that will make your Soca River rafting adventure hard to forget. We promise a day, filled with intense emotions, fun, tears of laughter, and joy. We make sure to tailor the trip according to your wishes and this touch makes all the difference.

Join us. It will be epic!!