All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – a very common saying that implies only working hard in the office like a donkey is not going to bring you happiness, neither will it sharpen your intellect. Relaxation is a must. Plan for an exotic outing in the city of mosques and minarets along the water bodies of Abu Dhabi. Once in Abu Dhabi, do not miss a chance to explore the state by the most famous Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise. It is a luxurious journey by traditional ships or vessels that was previously in use by royal merchants and traders who used to take a voyage through the serene waters of the Gulf.

About Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise

Visiting Abu Dhabi without touring into the cruise is a complete bad decision. The cruise takes you to all the legendary sites that can be enjoyed from travelling into it. Various occasions like wedding party, bachelor’s party, anniversary party, birthday parties and even business meetings can be organized here. The dinner is served in the buffet form in the double decker Dhow. The entire cruise system is divide into three special genres – romantic dinner cruise, the royal luxury yatch cruise and finally, the speedboat sightseeing.

Details about The Offers

  • Romantic dinner cruise

View the bench front Corniche of Abu Dhabi from a different outlook. The best hospitality will be served as you sail past the beautiful locations. The Dhow Dinner Cruise Abu Dhabi serves lavish dinner. You can enjoy your dinner date with soft to the lilt of soft music in the background. Once in the cruise, the entire city of Abu Dhabi is set as the backdrop. Site scenes include the beach that has been entitled as “Blue Flag”, Emirates Palace and Hilton Abu Dhabi. For safety, life jackets and medical kits are also available.

  • Royal luxury yatch cruise

Hop into the Royal luxury yatch cruise of Abu Dhabi and create an unforgettable memory with your family. It is a 2 hours cruise, showing you magnificent locations and views, going all the way to Lulu Island from Abu Dhabi Corniche. The background is enhanced by a soft Arabian music. The buffet package includes soups, hot appetizers, main course, desserts, fruits and drinks. Alcohol or hard drinks are not allowed. Regarding the price, infants are permitted free, adults and children are given a discount of 30%.

  • Speedboat sightseeing

Speedboat itself is associated with thrill and rush. The speedboat rise is divided into three shifts. For 90 minutes tour, you will depart from Emirates Palace Marina and see some amazing landmarks like Royal Palaces, Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi National Center Exhibition, etc. next comes the 60 minutes tour, starting again from Emirates Palace Marina and going all the way to Corniche and Lulu Island. The last and final one is a short trip of 30 minutes, bearing 11 passengers at large and diving at a high speed. This ride is sure to give you a terrific adrenaline rush and of course make your trip adventurous.


The magnificent Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise facilitates you with a lot of exciting services that is sure to entertain you as well as make your trip worthy enough of remembrance. The Abu Dhabi airport transfer facility will pick you up from the airport and reach you to the said destination. The bus service of the city takes to all the best places of the city. The tours are divided according to their locations. There are desert safari, city tours, shopping tours, amusement park tours, al ain tours, and Fujairah east coast tour.

Hence, Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise journey is a fantastic idea to spend your holiday. The cruises depart timely and arrive on the destination from where they had parted. Timings differ, such as the dinner cruise time is from 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm, regular boarding time begins at 7.30 at the evening, and the three timing shifts for speedboat sightseeing cruise are as follow – tour 1 (12.00 and 16.00), tour 2 (10.00 and 14.00), and tour 3 (09.00, 11.15 and 15.15). What else can be more satisfying than an Abu Dhabi cruise!