India is well known country to celebrate different kind of festivals at various seasons. They will celebrate each and every festival in a grand manner. The cheerful atmosphere at the time of celebrations in India is definitely the colorful grand treat for our eyes. In India, the monsoon is the best season to enjoy the wet weather with varieties of religious festivals.

There is a reason to celebrate the monsoon festivals in India. The people will pray their own religious god by singing songs, dancing to welcome the rains in monsoon season that’s why India is known for its diversity, culture and traditions. There are so many unique unknown religious festivals and we must definitely experience in our lifetime.

The people will prepare the sweets before the festival seasons also they will do crackers online shopping, traditional dresses online shopping and experience the vibrancy of the festival in monsoon season.


The Haritalika Teej is the popular festival of India and they will celebrate during monsoon seasons. They will dedicate this festival to the goddess Parvati commemorating her reunion with Lord Shiva. This festival will celebrate all parts of the world with traditional songs and dance. The women’s in India join in this festival with great enthusiasm and joy.


The Onam is the well-known festival of Kerala celebrated on occasion of Lord Vishnu’s Vamana avatar and homecoming of the mythical king called Mahabali. The people will celebrate this festival for ten days in grand manner by wearing Kerala traditional clothes and also by decorating their houses with Pookalam design made by flower petals. Also, they will conduct boat race in Kerala on Onam day is the major attraction of Kerala.

Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most colorful grand Hindu festival of India and it occurs between the month of August and September. The excitement of the festival is at peek and the people will worship the idol of Lord Vinayaka is made up of clay or some metals like silver. People will distribute the laddus as prasadam and express their love and care among peoples of different religions. We can see most of the large sized idols of Lord Ganesha at the streets and they will immerse the idols in the water with attractive celebrations.


Janmasthami is also one of the most important festival of India celebrated with equal excitement. This festival is celebrated on behalf of Lord Krishna and in Braja Mandala especially in gokula and Mathura this festival is celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm because Mathura is considered as the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Sao Jao Festival, Goa

Sao Jao festival is one of the funkiest festival of Goa and it is mainly celebrated by Christians. They are celebrating on behalf of Saint John the Baptist by paying tribute with their own culture and traditions. The people will celebrate this festival in a grand manner with special musical events and dance. It is one of the most interesting festival to watch out in monsoon season.