Tour the historic Museum of the Inquisition, the mysterious Presbyterian Master Cemetery or the always beautiful Parade Ground in Lima and the best that is free!

Lima is one of the most visited cities in Latin America due to its architectural beauty, its excellent food and its temperate climate because it allows your visitors to have an excellent experience. But did you know that in free tour Lima you can do various activities that are free? If not, then find out on this list that we have prepared for you.

1. Having a picnic is spectacular, but even better if you do it with “ocean view”. That’s why you visit the Miraflores, where the Park of Love, Raimondi Park, Yitzhak Rabin Park or Maria Reiche Park are ideal for spending a pleasant moment.

2. Museums have many stories to tell but the vast majority charge for it, so some people do not visit it as they should. But do not worry, the Museum of the Inquisition is free and, in addition, the stories you hear there are really scary.

3. The architecture of the colonial era is still present and you can see them in the Center of Lima, especially in the Plaza de Armas . You will enjoy various exhibitions and the best part is that it is free.

4. Is there anything better to read on the trip? Well, no, that’s why the House of Peruvian Literature is waiting for you to enter the world of letters and, in turn, it receives you with exhibitions, films, presentations and more.

5. Our country has had many characters from the cultural, political and labor world and that you will see in Casa Mariategui, a place without equal.

6. An air show awaits you in the Theme Park of the Air Force of Peru , so you can live a fabulous experience watching the incredible pirouettes of the airplanes and helicopters that circulate through the air, all completely free.

7. With over 200 years of history, the Presbytery Master Cemetery has as eternal tenants former presidents, musicians, literati, war heroes, among others. The only days they charge are the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month because they develop famous Full Moon Nights Tours.

8. The Church of Saint Rose of Lima is another of the free attractions. The room of Saint Rose, its hermitage and the well of desires are wonderful. Do not stop going.

9. From the top of San Cristobal you will see a beautiful view: Lima in its entire splendor. Yes, it is only free if you walk, otherwise take a tour from the main square. Of the two forms you will have fun.

10. Located in the heart of Miraflores, Kennedy Park is characterized by having a good number of artisans and painters who exhibit their works as well as groups of musicians, and recreational games for children.