Planning a Daman holiday but don’t know what to expect there? We help you out.

Daman, the capital of the Indian union territory of Daman and Diu, is a massively underrated destination, especially for those who love a quaint holiday by the beach. A Portuguese colony till 1961 when it was incorporated into India, it is a beautiful holiday spot on the west coast of the country.

Divided into ‘Moti Daman’ and ‘Nani Daman’, there are plenty of places to visit in Daman,which includes stunning beaches and historical monuments, which will surely make a holiday here a memorable one.

Of the severalplaces to visit in Daman, let’s take a look at 5 that are very popular with holiday makers here:

  1. Devka Beach

Among the most popular beaches here, Devka Beach boasts of a long shoreline and is one of the most fun places to visit in Daman. Whether it is water sports that excite you or just lounging on a beach bed relishing the local food from the beach shacks, you will find it all here.

  1. Jampore Beach

Around six kilometres from Daman is Jampore Beach. If you like a calm, serene experience by the sea, this is the beach you need to be at when in Daman. It is slightly secluded but safe, and is known to be an ideal spot for a picnic.

  1. Moti Daman

One of the oldest places to visit in Daman, this was once the Portuguese seat of power during the colonial times. The majestic Moti Daman Fort built in 1559 still stands testimony of it. At the fort are attractions like the Hilsa Aquarium, the Governor’s Palace and St. Cathedral Church that makes a visit to this place even more fun.

  1. The Lighthouse

Near the Moti Daman Fort is the massive Lighthouse that is again one of the places to visit in Daman that you cannot miss. It attracts tourists in large numbers and for good reason. The stunning views of the sea, the sight of the sunset and the photo opportunities make this a very popular spot.

  1. Church of Our Lady of Sea

The Church of Our Lady of Sea is considered to be one of the most sacred places to visit in Daman. Within the St. Jerome Fort, the church is a stunning example of magnificent architecture. While here, do remember to visit the Daman Ganga river, which is an extremely scenic spot.

Among the other significant religious places to visit in Daman include the beautiful Jain temple that is known for its unique architecture and the Hanuman Temple, which is also very popular among tourists seeking a serene, spiritual experience.

Daman is an exciting destination to visit and is replete with interesting history and culture you will be enthralled by. You will notice how it isn’t just about the beaches but historical monuments, natural scenic locations, religious places of interest that feature high in the list of places to visit in Daman. Got an offbeat coastal destination to holiday at on your mind? Remember to include Daman as a very promising option.