For many locals and travelers in Dubai, a morning or evening safari usually isn’t enough to satisfy their curiosity about the emirate’s world-famous desert. After all, spending only a few hours in the vast sandy wilderness of Dubai won’t allow you to get the full Bedouin experience. You also won’t have enough time to try other activities that are best enjoyed at night.

An overnight desert safari in Dubai is the best way for anyone to enjoy a getaway in the city’s picturesque and activity-filled fascinating wilderness. Aside from enjoying excellent views of the glorious sunset, you will partake of a superb dinner under a starlit sky in the midst of a colorful campsite.

You will enjoy other activities as well such as getting henna tattoos and watching belly dancers and other live entertainment. There is also a large bonfire to further enhance the cozy ambiance in the Bedouin-inspired campsite.

Enjoy Your Overnight Stay in the Desert

To experience the perfect overnight desert safari in Dubai, take note of the following tips:

1.     Book your overnight desert safari with a recommended tour operator.

Not all overnight desert safaris are the same; to be sure you will get an excellent tour package, research about the different tour operators or service providers first.

Go online and read about the various overnight desert safari packages on offer. Find out what items and activities are included in the package. Since you will be staying in the desert overnight, make sure the package includes good quality accommodation (typically a tent) and beddings.

Check if the package includes breakfast as well so that you can fill up on some scrumptious eats and your choice of beverage as you watch the sunrise before heading back to the city.

Don’t forget to read customer reviews about the tour operator and package to get a good idea if it’s worth booking an overnight safari in the desert with a particular company.

2.     Be at the pickup point on or before the specified schedule.

Whether you are going on the overnight desert safari with your family, your spouse, or your friends, the tour operator will send a bus or another type of vehicle to pick you up and transport you and your companions to the Dubai desert.

It is extremely impolite to keep the driver waiting for you and your fellow travelers so be at the pickup point on or before the given schedule.

This is something that you have to prioritize if you will be joining other people you don’t know in the transport vehicle. Don’t get off on the wrong foot with them and ruin their timetable by arriving late at the pickup point.

3.     Prepare an overnight bag.

Since you will be spending the night at a desert camp, you need to bring some important items which should include:

  • A change of clothing (including underwear, sleepwear, and slippers)
  • Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Smartphone and camera chargers

Depending on the weather or season, you may opt for loose, cool clothing since the temperature in the desert can get really hot even in the late afternoon. You may be riding the camel or go dune bashing in the afternoon; to avoid getting drenched in sweat, don’t wear any thick and dark clothing during the tour. However, it can get a bit nippy at night so bring a light sweater or shawl, just in case.

Don’t forget to bring items that will ensure you a good night’s sleep such as an extra light blanket, travel pillow, and your sleep mask.

4.     Bring a small bag for your valuables and other essentials.

Aside from packing an overnight bag, bring a small bag which you can easily carry around as you go on the tour.

Make sure you pack in this bag your anti-nausea medicine if you tend to get dizzy easily. Pack other medications and supplements you take daily as well. Additionally, place your wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat in the same bag.

Lastly, don’t forget to place your smartphone and camera (if you will be bringing a separate one) in the bag as well.

It is important that you bring these devices with you so that you can take photos of all the amazing views you will see, and document the fun activities you will experience during the safari.

5.     Take part in all the activities

Finally, don’t forget to go on any ride or try any activity that comes with the tour package. Whether it’s camel riding, dune bashing, or sand boarding, face your fears and try them. You will have an expert guiding you throughout these activities so you will be safe in your attempts to do them.

Enjoy all the activities that will take place at night, too. Forget your diet and taste every dish that will be served to you or placed on the buffet table. Take part in the entertainment (which means dancing), and socialize with the other guests.

Don’t forget to take photos of the scenic sunset and the clear sky when night falls. Take in the gorgeous scenery, and appreciate everything that the marvelous natural surroundings have to offer before you go to sleep and when you wake up.

By preparing well for your first overnight desert safari, you will get more out of this fun, unique, and memorable escapade in Dubai.


Hafiz Umer Ali Zaib is the Social Media Specialist at Luxury Tours, a leading provider of tours, cruises and safaris across the UAE. The company’s top offerings include the Dubai Desert Evening Safari, City Tours, Dhow Cruises, Mountain Tours, Limousine Service, Discounted Tickets for theme parks, and a variety of many other excursions.