A friend is someone trusty who offers you a shoulder to cry on whenever you have hard times. Also,  he gives you reasons to believe in yourself and makes you laugh. Is that person who doesn’t judge you for your choices, but warns you about the mistakes you have made. It’s often said that real friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face.

What destination should I choose?

More than that, the value of a true friendship offers you a sense of identity. This feeling is irreplaceable because in this way you never feel lost and you know you’ll always have a place in the gang surrounded by your friends. When one of them is getting married you know that it’s time to call all of your mates and plan a weekend stag party!

First of all, you have to know that you don’t have to plan an expensive trip in order to do something memorable. You can visit incredible spots in Europe that doesn’t cost too much money, for example, Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Why should I choose Bucharest?

This place has a unique charm because of the impressive architecture of its buildings and the hospitality and the kindness of the city’s residents can be read on their faces.

In case you’re wondering what activities should you plan for a stag weekend below you can find a list of ideas. Welcome to Bucharest! Here you can:

  • Visit Dracula Castle tour and then take lunch with your friends. We all love hearing legends. This spot has a historical significance and is one of the main tourist attractions. Bram Stoker was inspired by this spot when created the character Dracula in his gothic novel.
  • Go on an Underground Tour. Exploring the hidden spots of Bucharest with your friends can be an exciting activity. After 4 hours you can drink beer with them in a bar talking about it and expecting new adventures to come.
  • Practice Squash. Obviously, a game of squash can cheer up the future groom and help all his best friends getting fit. Let’s have fun!
  • Play Five a side Football. Another entertaining activity is competing with your pals on 1 hour game of Football. Let’s see who will be the winning team?
  • Experience Virtual Reality. If the future groom is a geek who loves virtual worlds you can surprise him with an immersion in an imaginary universe.
  • Casino Night. Get ready to play a lot of table games, slots, card games and to enjoy free drinks with your friends.
  • Karaoke night with Beers. Last, but not least, one of the funniest activities for a stag party is singing with your friends. The future groom deserves to be treated like a star, doesn’t he?

After all, making amazing plans with friends adds a little spice to our lives and helps us creating wonderful memories that can last a lifetime. One of the best things in life is keeping our family and our friends close to us.

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