Does the Earth get better than a beach? White sands giving away to the gentle ripple of turquoise water, which fades away into a deep blue in the distance, seemingly merging with the vast sky above it. Lush trees gently fluttering in the wind, and the sun shining down on it all. This is as good as Earth gets and it’s not bad at all. Fortunately for the human race, this idyllic setting can be found in countless places on Earth, many countries harbor some fine beaches, and unless your country is landlocked, you normally don’t need to go too far to find the sea. The USA is huge, and with its mammoth size come a ton of fine stripes of coast with numerous beaches. This article lists some of the most popular in the country (and some of the finest). If some of them tickle your fancy – and they will, you can buy frequent flyer miles which can be exchanged for tickets to travel to them.

Honolulu, Oahu

The largest city and capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is the gateway to the US island chain.  It is located on the island of Oahu and according to US Travel News Report, it is the number 1 visited Island in all of the US. This is due to its unique mix of luxury and natural beauty, you’ll find high rise buildings and luxury resorts a mere hundred yards away from the white beaches and sparkling water that it has to offer. There are many favored shorelines throughout the island coastline with Waikiki beach catering to families. However visiting Hawaii, especially Honolulu is not cheap and you should plan your visit accordingly.


Maui is the perfect mix of what the Aloha state has to offer. It is not too big, busy or quiet as some of the other islands. It is a desirable mix of these qualities, and this makes it a favorite of many Hawaii vacationers. It offers a taste of everything that people love about Hawaii, professional hula dancers, golf along coastal fairways, snorkeling or a collection of the world’s finest beaches.

Miami Beach

Till now we’ve been talking about beaches located off the US mainland. The latter also has some great beaches on offer, such as the world renowned Miami Beach in Florida. Known for its party strip along the coast, Miami’s coastline is something that both party lovers and those seeking solitude can enjoy. A colorful place, it leaves one hungry for more.

St. Augustine

If Miami is too rowdy or crowded for you, then this Florida city offers a much calmer alternative. The city claims to be the oldest one in the States, and is known for its Spanish Colonial Architecture. The St. Augustine beach offers a tranquil getaway if you want to relax, it is uncrowded and family friendly.

These were some of the most highly ranked beaches in the US. If you’re short on miles, you can buy frequent flyer miles online.