Australia stands out as one of the best tourists’ sites the world has to offer. touring in this great country will give you a  feel of the beauty of nature; the beautiful sceneries, the islands, mountains, plains, water masses, national parks though natural, look like they were intentionally designed to impress. Here you, you’ll be amazed by some of the planets awe-inspiring wonders like the Great Barrier Reef.

However, not all these sites can be accessed on road; you can only get a better view on a plane.

The Great Barrier marine park

This is a world heritage site that can only be viewed from outside and is one of the biggest living structures the world has to offer. To protect its fragile systems, it was established in the ’70s. It accommodates approximately three thousand coral reefs, coral cays, and the mangrove islands. Diving and snookering are some of the spectacular activities you find here. Again, you have an array of soft and hard corals including over 1600 fish species. You can access this amazing attraction site anytime. You only need to make necessary arrangements for a flight by visiting

Uluru-Kata Tjuta national park

In the heart of Australia lies the former Ayers rock- Uluru. This is one of the most photographed wonders in this country the spectacular red monolith forms the centerpiece of the national park. This is an area that is managed by the traditional Anangu people and the parks Australia. The bulk of it is hidden behind the earth and it rises close to 348 meters from the surrounding plain. Here, you will have a view of the Kata Tjuta rocks, which are dome-shaped. In fact, toward sunset, you’ll find sightseers gathered to watch the scenery transform in the shifting light. If you want to fully appreciate these views, get an aboriginal guide to moving around with.

The Blue Mountains national park

Flying over this UNESCO’s world heritage site, you get a view of the beautiful national park. The many eucalyptus trees give it the blue haze and that is why the park is called ‘blue’. It occupies more than six hundred thousand acres of dramatic gorges, waterfalls, rock paintings and some amazing hiking trails. The towering sandstone formations called the three sisters to make it the most attractive of all other sites.

Daintree National park

This park is one of the beauties of Australia and one of the most ancient ecosystems on the planet. Kuku Yalanji are the aboriginals and many of these natural sites hold great spiritual significance. There are two main sections in this park; Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation. This is where the rainforest meets reef along the Coral Sea sandy beaches. It’s a stunning stretch, which houses some of the rarest species and a rich ecosystem. There are millions of plant and animal species. When was the last time you saw a crocodile, cassowary or the Ulysses butterfly? You visit this place for such views.

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