When we say Salzburg, we mainly think about two things – the Christmas markets and the scary, yet charming, traditions. Of course, the markets attract most tourists in this wonderful city – but, while traveling there, they will definitely come across some of its traditions as well.

Therefore, before booking your Salzburg airport taxi, you should take a couple of minutes and read the following article – you’ll then know which some of the most beautiful Christmas markets of Salzburg are and what you should expect in terms of traditions as well.

The Christmas Markets of Salzburg

If you want to see a breathtaking view of Salzburg, then you have to be there during winter, when all of the Christmas markets get set up and wait for curious travelers and not only.

After all, what’s better than spending the days up until Christmas surrounded by locals and their traditions, by the snow, and by the thousands Christmas light?

Salzburg’s Christmas Market

You can find this market around the Cathedral of Salzburg, at the foot of Hohensalzburg fortress. If you plan to visit this Christmas market, then you should know that you won’t be seeing only shops and locals – you will be welcomed by choral singing, nativity exhibits, and Turmblasen – wind instruments.

The Residenz Square and Courtyard are waiting for you!

Hellbrunn’s Advent Magic

Yet another Christmas market can be found in Hellbrunn – you will be able to roam around the courtyard, have a walk with your significant other on a path that’s lined with torches, and delight yourself with traditional treats.

Moreover, if you want to really get into the Christmas spirit, then you can sign up for a reindeer sled ride – truly magical, right?

St. Leonhard’s Advent Market

You can find this Christmas market near the St. Leonhard pilgrimage church. While here, you can have a taste of the punch, roasted chestnuts, traditional gingerbread, and a variety of bakery.

Furthermore, multiple Advent events and sights of brass brands await you if this is the location you choose.

Salzburg Christmas Traditions

Some people know that, when someone talks about Salzburg’s Christmas traditions, they refer to the Krampuslauf translated as the Krampus Run. Krampus is the devilish right hand of the local Santa Claus, named Nikolaus.

He comes with a grim look and with a fur whip to punish any naughty children that he can find – however, you can easily find out when he’s coming to town as you can hear the giant bells that are attached to his belt.

The Krampus run is basically composed of many people that are costumed like the devilish character and which roam around the Cathedral – if you are there on the 5th of December, you can stop by and visit them.

Salzburg’s Christmas Museum

If you want to learn more about the Austrian Christmas and its traditions, then be sure to check out the Christmas Museum that you can find right next to the Christkindlmarkt – yet another Christmas market.

The museum is composed only of two rooms, but it has a lot of Christmas antiquities and trinkets available for you to see.

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