Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is also called Pink City because of the color of the building. The land of Jaipur has always had the royal families associated. Even today, the forts, palaces are managed by the royal families. The ancient architecture is something that never fails to amaze us no matter how many times we visit them.

If you are a foodie, Jaipur is one city that will satisfy your cravings. Some of the most famous and in-demand dishes and desserts are from Jaipur. We have listed five of the must-try food items when you are in Jaipur for the authentic taste that will leave you asking for more.

Also known as the Old City, the food in Jaipur is rustic and has an old-world charm to it.

  • Dal baati churma
    • You might have heard this name quite a few times before. If you have tasted the dish, you know what it is. In case you haven’t let us tell you more about Dal Batti Churma.
    • Going by the name, the dish consists of three items; Dal, Baati, and Churma. A Rajasthan special, it is available in just about every place in Jaipur.
    • A wholesome meal in itself, Dal is a flavorful curry or soup, Baati is similar to baked stuffed bread, except that Baati has a harder and crunchier crust, while Churma is a dry, mildly sweet mix of flour and sugar.
  • Pyaz ki kachori
    • Pyaz is an onion. Kachori is a round disk-like food item with a golden crust and a potato and onion stuffing on the inside.
    • You can find kachori in as one of the staple street foods in Jaipur along with Mirchi Vadas. It is spicy and tasty and is served with chutney and can be eaten anytime during the day and night. No matter the list of places to visit in Jaipur, kachori is a must-have food item.
  • Ghevar
    • This is a delectable sweet made during the traditional month of Teej. Preparing Ghevar is an art and takes a lot of skill to get the mesh-like texture with the perfectly round shape.
    • Ghee (clarified butter), flour, milk, and sugar are the main ingredients. The sweet is deep-fried in ghee and soaked with sugar syrup, decorated with chopped dry fruits. Available in all the sweet shops, the taste of authentic Ghevar can be experienced in Jaipur. Don’t forget to buy some Gajak alongside for crunch.
  • Gatte ki sabji
    • A traditional dish in Rajasthan, Gatte is made using gram flour while the Sabji or curry is made with yogurt as a base. Easy to prepare, the dish is spicy and flavorful.
  • Mava kachori
    • This kachori is a delicious sweet made using mava and dry fruits as stuffing. This is sweet of the royals and is a festive dessert.

Meat lovers should not miss Laal Maas, Jungle Maas, and Jaipuri Chicken. Finish off the meal with chilled Lassi.