As we know, travel insurance comes under the category of general insurance. It’s the safeguard measure to protect against any kind of risk during travel. In general, there are two types of travel insurance:

  • Multi trip- this type of travel insurance covers you throughout the year for all the trips. It reduces the hassle of buying travel insurance individually for every trip. It’s economical and beneficial for people who travel frequently.
  • Single trip travel insurance: This type of insurance provides protection for your selected trip. It’s one-time use policy. It’s beneficial for people who don’t travel frequently.

Domestic travel insurance

Travel insurance policies aren’t limited to international travel but are also available for domestic travel. An easy way to get information about domestic travel insurance policies is to visit the website of any company that provides such policies and get all the information from there. Bharti AXA which is a leading online travel insurance provider has several plans under this product category, which are best suited to meet your requirements. There are some aspects that distinguish travel insurance in the domestic aspect as compared to the international domain. Here are the integrities of the same:

  • In terms of travel insurance policies in the domestic front, one of the fundamental differences that exist is the health coverage options and clauses. In this case, domestic insurance policies for inter-state travel does not always cover pre-existing medical conditions, while these are considered as core coverage points in terms of international travel.
  • As far as risk coverage is concerned, domestic travel insurance policies offer fewer risk coverage points as compared to international travel insurance policies, especially owing to the fact that the amount of risk associated with inter-state and intra-national travel is lower than that which is associated with international travel.
  • One of the aspects that are not usually covered in terms of domestic travel insurance policies are flight delays and remuneration that an individual holding an international travel insurance policy might be liable for the purpose of emergency hotel bookings and the likes. This is due to the fact that international travel is not as expensive as domestic travel, thereby making it less significant as far as the insurer’s involvement is concerned to cover these expenses.
  • Another element that makes domestic travel insurance different from the policies that are given to international travellers, is the fact that it does not cover the financial reimbursement that occurs due to the loss of documents. This is because of the lack of difficult to replace documents that are required for international travel insurance, such as passport, which makes it less risky when travelling within your home country.

It is important to remember the financial coverage that a travel insurance policy covers is dependent upon the type of travel and the inherent degree of risk associated with it. This means that every single trip that you take is different, especially with regards to the amount of threat it poses to you as an individual or as a family. Hence, always make sure that you have a good understanding of the details of your journey, especially with regards to the degree of risks inherent during the same, and buy a travel insurance policy accordingly.