Those who have missed the opportunity to offer hajj could avail Umrah as it can be offered at any time of the year. Ramadan is heading near and it is just the perfect month to be in Makah and Medina. The sanctity of the month multiplies if one gets the chance to be in the holy cities during this month. A huge number of pilgrims from around the world pour in Makah and Medina during this month. The offering of fast and other religious duties in the premises of Makah while engaging oneself into prayers and supplication round the clock is another ecstatic level of worship. None of the Muslims would want to deny this opportunity. Every year people go to the holy cities through 5 star Umrah packages from Karachi Pakistan and other parts of the county. Before you embark on this journey, you need to know a few official things. They are as follows:

Validity of your Visa

The visa that is offered for the Umrah is valid for only fifteen days. Therefore, you need to leave before the expiry.  Sticking to the regulations gives by the Saudi government always helps as they are set to facilitate the pilgrims. Disobeying any of the regulation may result in the form of a penalty, deportation and in severe cases a complete control of reentering the peninsula again.

Areas you can go to

During the Umrah, with the Umrah visa, there are specified areas which could be travelled into. They include Jeddah, Makah and Medina. Therefore, whenever you are on an Umrah visa, make sure you traverse between these areas only. There you could go visit the holy sites, shop around and also visit the various holy sites within the premises of these three cities.

Who can you contact when in Emergency?

The first person whose contact number should always be with you when in Saudi Arabia should be your tour operator and the numbers of your embassy. You should have them all the time even if you don’t carry a phone. Keeping in touch with the members of the group you are with is also advised as it will make things easier for you if you get stuck somewhere.

Get your bookings before you board the Airbus

Just for your information, the hotels in the three of the cities mentioned above are overbooked. This makes the on-spot bookings very difficult. Therefore, you have to make sure that you get your bookings. Mostly, the 3 stars hotels around the mosques are very busy and preoccupied. Sometimes in Umrah packages from Lahore the 5 star hotels are already booked for months and months. So, whatever kind of facility you look forward to avail should be made available and booked before you set out for the journey.

How to get the Best Hotel?

If you are looking for some stay in place which could be affordable and is budget friendly, you could do a little research. There are several budget friendly hotels around the Masjid e Nabawi (SAAW). Also, there are other hotels in Makah that are both affordable and comfortable to stay in. do check them oyut and get booking prior to leaving.

What to keep?

Keeping everything you need is important. One important problem that the pilgrims often face are regarding their off the counter medicines which are not available readily around the holy premise. Therefore it is advised highly to everyone who takes medicines to keep them with you in access. Also, general medicines for headache, painkillers, anti-nausea medicines, bandages and first aid things should be kept along. This will be very helpful for you if one falls ill.