Where to stay in Lake Bled can be a question that is not easy to answer. There are some incredible hostels with the kindest and nicest staff, boutique hotels for people that who would like to take it up a notch and feel really special while on your holidays at Lake Bled .Bled also offers some luxury villas, hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation. No matter what you budget is, we guarantee you will find a perfect place to stay in Lake Bled. What are you waiting for? Come to Bled and enjoy your holiday, which you can top up by some activities, offered by Altitude activities, which is a sports agency, known for its nicest and most professional staff.

You can also come to our Altitude activities office and perhaps we can help you with a search for accommodation and answering the question of where to stay in Lake Bled, and we can definitely help you in making your holidays even more adventurous, as we have plenty exhilarating trips to offer.

Coolest accommodation in Lake Bled

If you browse the internet and really get into answering a question of where to stay in Lake Bled, you can find a lot of hidden gems. If you are questioning yourself of where to stay in Lake Bled, you can find some of the coolest places to stay, with amazing views and even more amazing hosts. You can find superb accommodation, or a dreamy glamming experience, or just a place in the camp to set up your tent. And even Bled’s campsite is something special. It is located right next to the lake shore, so you can swim from dusk till dawn, while enjoying the most beautiful view of the island, castle and the surrounding mountains.

Still wondering where to stay in Lake Bled?

If you are asking yourself where to stay in Lake Bled and you are on a tight budget, do not worry. Bled offers plenty hostels and cheap private accommodations. Bled is small, so no matter what you choose, you will not have to walk more than 10 minutes to the lake or take a local bus, which will take you to the centre of Bled in a minute or two. So the question of where to stay in Lake Bled and not be far from the centre is really not hard to answer. And if you book some activities with Altitude adventures, they can even come to pick you up.

Come and stay in Lake Bled and relax

Where to stay in Lake Bled if you would like to relax? There are some accommodations that offer swimming pools, saunas and excellent massages. Some of them are located right in the centre, where you can also enjoy views of the lake from a balcony of your hotel room. And you can also take a stroll around the lake; enjoy fresh air, most beautiful view and wonder where to stay in Lake Bled the next time you come.