How to Spark Your Creative Freedom and Let It Flow

If you rely on your creative flow for work, or to simply keep your sanity in a crazy world, then you know the heartache of having that creative flow blocked or stemmed. For whatever reason, your creativity dries up, but there are ways to get it flowing again. Here are a few ideas for sparking your creative freedom and letting your imagination take hold.

Take a Small Getaway to Explore Somewhere New and Amazing

When you feel your creative freedom is blocked, consider taking a vacation, or a small getaway, to somewhere else. It could be your surroundings that are hindering your imagination. Too much familiarity can stunt your creative growth, so opt to travel and explore somewhere new and amazing, like Bald Head Island vacation rentals. Even if it’s the next town over.

Take a Walk to Clear Your Mind and Raise Your Awareness of Your Surroundings

Most artsy people, yourself included, probably draw an element of inspiration from your surroundings. Which means you can walk to clear your mind, while raising your awareness of your natural surroundings. Find the seasonal wonders that spark your creativity, from the springtime blooms, to the color-changing autumnal leaves, to the dusting of snow on the trees, to the summertime buzz of the cicadas.

Keep a Dream Journal Beside Your Bed

Your dreams are a huge source of inspiration when you allow them to be. So, keep a dream journal beside your bed, where you can immediately write down anything you dream of as soon as you wake up. Then go back later and analyze what you dreamt about. Close your eyes, try to remember details, and strive to draw creative inspiration from those dreams.

Create a Vision Board of Passions, Interests, and Future Goals

Every artist has an idea of what jogs their creativity and artistic imaginations. So, put those passions, interests, and goals on paper. Use poster board, bold and colorful markers, and images, like magazine cutouts, to create a vision board. Which is something you can look at whenever you need that small spark of creative flow.

While these are great ideas to jostle your imagination, sometimes ideas and concepts spring into your mind without warnings. In these cases, carry a small notebook and pencil in your back pocket for creative emergencies. Write down your spur-of-the-moment ideas, then look back at them later to unravel and build upon those concepts.


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