Country clubs and golf courses have long been considered realms of the affluent. It is a place where the affluent can come together to mix, discuss business, and relax after a long day of work. If you run such an establishment, you probably are always seeking new and exciting ways to please the members of your club. Look over these suggestions and see how you can make some positive changes to your business that your patrons will notice.


One of the most important areas to focus on with your establishment is the way it is managed. As the owner, you likely have a staff of many managers who you rely on in order to keep the club running in the most efficient way possible. Of course, there is always room for improvement. You might want to overhaul your existing team in order to find a more reliable group to take on the growing demands of your establishment. Finding services to aid you with country club management is a great way to get more from your club.

Craft a Digital Presence

Younger generations don’t seem as eager to join elite clubs the way previous demographics were. Many clubs struggle with attracting younger members so that they can keep their establishments running for many years to come. If you’re trying to bring in new members who fall into the category of millennial, then you’ll want to focus on your digital efforts. Creating a strong social media presence is a surefire way to grab the attention of potential new members. The more you learn about online platforms, the easier it will be to improve your club and attract a younger crowd.

Seasonal Options

You may also want to think about creating seasonal memberships. Many people join country clubs and only end up using the facilities during the spring and summer when the courses are able to be utilized. Because of this, many people do not apply for memberships because they don’t wish to pay club fees when they aren’t using the club. Take advantage of this by offering seasonal membership options that allow you to see cash flow from members without relying on annual memberships to cover all your expenses. A tiered-member system may be a great solution to improve cash flow.

There are many ways you can go about making improvements to your country club. Give yourself time to research your options so that you can find the perfect solutions. In time, you will be ready to make some changes that will help your club find new members.