The next Kid Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas allows families to avoid the hectic scene and experience some quality time together, escaping from other places that charge extra fees for the shows they perform.

  • Kona Grill

Generally, serving modern American cuisine, Kona Grill kid’s menu has many great options for picky little eaters. The kids’ food is suitable for ages 12 and younger and surprisingly all meals are under $7. They have many selective gourmet dishes alongside the other classic ones such as the grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. Each meal is served with two different sides and either juice, milk or soda.

  • Krayvings

Promoted as healthful fast-food restaurants chain, Krayvings doesn’t ever use microwaves to reheat their dishes, doesn’t sell deep-fried meals or use any frozen foods.

The kid’s menu has 10 assorted meals including the one-and-only Kids Turkey Burger, and their signature dish the Turkey Pinwheel, composed of turkey slices, cream cheese, whole grain tortillas, with sides of freshly sliced apples.

  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

This place has a more extensive kids’ menu full of with delicious buttery dishes and a wide range of pasta choices. In addition to serving meatballs and pizza with different toppings. And for adults, more delicacies are available including the spinach sautéed salmon, chicken schnitzel, succulent steak, and more.

  • Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

At Lazy Dog, there are two separate menus for youngsters. One is for toddlers of ages between 2 and 8 featuring dishes like chicken fingers, noodle soups, and pasta. The other one is more of a teenager menu, for kids of 12 years old. Older children can build their own pizza using whatever ingredients they fancy. All meals are served with a healthy side dish of your choice and a drink.

Those aren’t the only fun and exciting Kid Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas, Vegas Lens Directory offers an extended list of places, activities, accommodations an all that has anything to do with visiting Las Vegas on a family vacation.