Sit Back In Comfort On A Whale-Viewing Cruise

Sit Back In Comfort On A Whale-Viewing Cruise

Take the whole family along for a whale-viewing cruise. People who live in Sydney are not going to have to travel very far because these creatures are in the waters of their home city.

What happens during this type of cruise?

Sit Back And Watch The Whales Swim Close To The Boat

Get good seats on the deck of the boat for Sydney whale watching cruises when the weather is very sunny. Sit back and watch the whales swim by and leap out of the water.

  • This is an exhilarating feeling that cannot be replicated by watching the animals on television.

Get Some Food And Drink

The cruise lasts for about an hour and a half, so this is the perfect opportunity to get some food and drink onboard.

  • Everyone can tuck into their food whilst the whales are near the boat.

Count As Many Whales As Possible

Families should make a game of counting as many whales as possible.

  • The winner of the contest can get a prize after the cruise has finished.

Study The Coastline

It is a good idea to study the coastline during the trip and to pick out various landmarks that are dotted on the Sydney landscape. It is good ideas to read up about the history of different landmarks that you see whilst you are on the boat.

  • The contrast of the whales and the landscape is extremely pleasing. Choose a Sydney cruise whilst mixes great views of the landscape and the whales.

Go On Different Cruises To Compare The Differences

Think about going on several different whale cruises in order to compare the experiences. One cruise may take place at night as the Sydney Opera House has been lit up.

  • Alternatively, it may be a good idea to have a romantic cruise as a couple on the open water.

Go On A Cruise With A Wide Group Of Friends

Prior to the whale cruise, ask friends if they would like to come along as well. Everybody has a chance to look at the whales and have a good time as well. Choose a group of friends who especially get excited by nature.

  • They will be thankful that they had this opportunity to spend time looking at the whales.

Look At The Night’s Sky

Some whale cruises take place at night, which means that Sydney will be lit up. Look up at the night’s sky and see the stars before looking down to see the whales in the water.

  • Go on several nighttime cruises to see which one is the most enjoyable one.

Enjoying A Cruise Fully

Sit back and enjoy the scenery whilst the whales are passing by. The best cruises offer great views of Sydney and will allow you to have some food and drink at the same time. Take a camera onto the boat so that some pictures of the whales can be shared with all of the family members.


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