The ‘Venice of the East’, Srinagar is a sight to behold all year round.

Srinagar is serene and relaxed, and you must also explore it slowly. There’s no hustle and bustle here!

A Delhi to Srinagar flight is one of the easiest ways to get there. If you are planning a trip to Srinagar, here is what you can do:

  • Choose the season that suits you best

Srinagar is surrounded by the Himalayas on all sides. Summers are warm and very pleasant. This is usually when most Delhi to Srinagar flights are booked. The best time to visit is March to October, covering the three seasons: spring, summer and autumn. December-March are for winter and snow junkies, ornithologists and winter sports lovers. Moderate to heavy snowfall occurs in winter and one is advised about icy roads and avalanches. No matter when you decide to visit, Srinagar has a lot to offer to everyone. So, choose the season that would give you the most of what you love!

  • Stay in a houseboat

You can’t think of Srinagar without the houseboats floating in the beautiful lake. Choose from plenty of houseboats floating on a number of lakes around the city – the Dal, the Nigeen, the Anchar, the Khushal Sar, and the Gil Sar are the most popular ones. Srinagar houseboats are fitted out with every amenity, from living rooms to seated balconies and dining areas. Cosy up in your blanket and enjoy views while sipping on hot kahwah.

  • Stroll in the Mughal Gardens

The Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir were established by the Mughals and built in the architectural styles of the fabled Persian gardens. A stunning combination of landscaping and natural beauty, the Chashmashahi Garden, Nishat Garden and the Shalimar Garden also house some of the rarest flowers in the world. Plan your visit to Srinagar to coincide with the blooming season and witness the full splendour of these gardens.

  • Visit the historical sites

There are many historical and religious monuments in and around Srinagar. From beautiful mosques like the Hazaratbal and Jama Masjid to the scenic Shankaracharya temple, the architecture showcases the rich history of the region. Several other marvellous monuments like the Pari Mahal, Burzhama ruins and Kathi Darwaza must also be explored. Book your flight from Delhi to Srinagar well in advance if you intend to visit in season.

  • Shop and eat to your heart’s content

Apart from the historical and natural beauty, Srinagar is also known for a variety of unique Kashmiri handicrafts. You can shop for unique Pashmina shawls, exquisite carpets, papier-mache, silk and silverware, crewel embroidery, phool kari woodwork, metalware and, and not to forget – saffron! Kashmiri cuisine is unique, loaded with subtle spices and flavours.

There’s a lot you can do in Srinagar no matter what the season, but do remember to book your Premium Economy Delhi to Srinagar flight well in advance.