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Situated on the East Coast of South Africa, in the region of Kwa-Zulu Natal, you will find Durban, South Africa’s ultimate playground! The stunning sunny days,  warm ocean air and the great variety of tourist attractions make Durban tours the number one item on many travellers must-do list.  

When planning a trip to South Africa you don’t want to be one of those who miss out on “Surf City” as this beautiful, bustling coastal city is also known.  The vibe of this urban African city is truly addictive.

Visitors to Durban can go on a variety of tours to see historical attractions, wildlife spots, breathtaking scenery, stop off for a bite at some of the best restaurants or spend some leisure time at the beach. Durban has a gorgeous waterfront that is filled with things to see, but the best way to experience it is to go on guided tours!

Short History of Durban

The first European to discover Durban was Vasco Da Gama. On route to the east, Da Gama spotted the natural port in 1497. Later on, the port was turned into a refreshment stop and safe haven for passing ships and merchants.

After years of being used as a port for ships, the refreshment stop grew into a small town, and later on, into a city. The city is thus named after Sir Benjamin D’Urban, who was governor of the Cape Colony when the town was officially founded in 1835.

Throughout its history, it has seen many power struggles. As an important strategic point, the British encountered battles with both the Zulus and the Boers for control.

The history of Durban is more famously characterised by those who made it home. When under the control of the British, indentured workers were brought in from India to farm the sugar cane fields.

The city has become an eclectic mixture of Indians, Europeans, and Africans, although just about everyone living in Durban today considers themselves as African. The diversity of the cultures is what makes Durban such a special place and a favourite tours destination.

Durban Tours Options

The more time you spend in Durban , the more you can and will want to see. Durban tours options tick off all of the must see places and there is more than enough downtime to ensure that your trip here doesn’t feel rushed. What makes our tours unique is that we take guests out of the city and into the surrounding areas.

 Here are just some of the highlights you can look forward to when booking Durban Tours

  • The Natal Midlands
  • Various UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • The Drakensberg Mountains
  • St Lucia Wetlands
  • The Battlefield of Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • A Zulu Cultural Village
  • A trip up the Sani Pass
  • Explore the City of Durban
  • Valley of a thousand Hills
  • Zululand Wildlife Safari
  • African wildlife expedition

All along the way, guests will learn about each site they see.  Friendly and professional tour guides with a lot of knowledge and passion for Durban share all sorts of interesting information during tours so that you get the best value for your money.

Book your Durban Tours today, and see why it is known as South Africa’s most exciting city.