The Superlative Place to Relax and Unwind that Satisfies the Soul

A hotel is a place that provides refuge to people traveling or who stay away from their home for a short duration. It must provide basic amenities along with comfort living to get the best experience in their life. A star hotel has elegant architecture with chic rooms and provides impeccable service to their guests. The Regal Jinfeng Hotel offers you the world-class facilities that will give you the taste of luxury.  If you atrip planned for China, then make your room reservation in Shanghai Pudong hotel now. They can meet all the requirements of your professional or vacation needs.

The Amenities for an Exciting Stay

Hotel is a place that must give you the maximum comfort with best features and the Regal Jinfeng will offer it to you. The different facilities provided by the hotel are;

Well Decorated Rooms

A hotel room must have a cozy environment with pleasing color schemes that will soothe your soul. The Regal Jinfeg Hotel offers you six different rooms that will suite your needs perfectly.

    • Presidential Suite: The spacious suit comfortable for business travelers.
    • Studio Suite: It is a home away from home for tourists intending to stay long-term.
    • Executive Club Room: It provides personalized services to guest to make their stay enjoyable.
    • Premium suite: The rooms have serene view and natural light that will rejuvenate the mind.
    • Deluxe Suite: It gives the royal feeling to the guests to enjoy all the amenities for the guests.
  • Superior Suite: It is designed to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable.

The rooms are stylish with exquisite décor that will entice the guests from all over the world. The first-class amenities will blow your mind and give you the most relaxing feeling.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurants

The Regal Jinfeg hotel has multi-cuisine restaurants that satisfies the taste buds of foodies. If you wish you taste different cuisine, then check the delectable dishes the chefs at the hotel present to you. You can enjoy the Asian, Western, Italian, Cantonese and Shanghainese food that will nourish your soul. Enjoy the different varieties of cocktail, beverages and the Regal Wine exclusively launched by Regal Jinfeg hotel. You can kick back and relax with the mouthwatering cuisine that make your stay fun.

Event Management and Meetings

You can conduct any business meeting at Regal Jinfeg Hotel, which will provide you with all the technical assistance needed. The hotel is well-equipped to meet the needs for trainings, seminars, incentive events, meetings or conferences. The impeccable service will impress your business associates that will work in favor for you. You can conduct the beautiful event in your life with grandiose to make it a memorable memory. The hotel has the experience and expertise to make any personal event a heartwarming experience.

The Royal Jinfeg has varieties of promotional offers that will blow your mind. So, make your room reservation in Shanghai Pudong hotel now to avail the best offers. Enjoy the elegant room designed to meet your comforts. Traveling becomes a fun experience once people get comfortable rooms, exceptional amenities, scrumptious cuisine, and fast services. The staff will welcome you to an experience that will have a heartwarming feeling. Opt for the superlative choice that will make your stay amusing with maximum pleasures.


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