Florida has a mixed reputation among people, some people think it’s an unpredictable place with equally unpredictable people, most people think it’s a beautiful state full of amazing natural scenery and the best nightlife in the United States. While we’re not here to debate this, even those people who do not love Florida will admit that it is perhaps the most entertaining state in the US and that it has a lot to offer in terms of its attractions. One of these attractions is a city named Tampa, one of the largest cities in the state of Florida and the largest in the Tampa Bay Area. Being one of the major cities in Florida has its perks and this means that Tampa has a lot of stuff to offer to the temporary visitor. You can search online for cheap airline tickets for Tampa. Once there be sure to visit the following places in Tampa.

Busch Gardens:

Spanning nearly 300 acres, Busch Gardens contain an array of restaurants, live shows, around 12,000 animals. The Busch Gardens are older than Disney World and cheaper. However the crowds always seem to be on the higher side so you need to plan your trip carefully.

Florida Aquarium:

On the southeastern edge of downtown Tampa, this aquarium has more than 20,000 animal and plant inhabitants living within its boundaries. Making your way through its maze of marine life can take a lot of time, but if you’re into aquatic life, it is a must visit place in Tampa.

Boat Tours:

Everyone in Miami seems to own a boat; and this is for good reason, the coastal location makes it easy to go out and relax for a day on the water. You can get a ticket for a cruise at most times of the day, but we would recommend getting one in the evening; the sunset is striking and worth watching.

Big Cat Rescue:

Located in the northwest of Tampa, this place is more of a sanctuary than a zoo. It comes highly recommended as besides seeing over a hundred different animals across 14 different species, you will also learn all about them. These include tigers, cougars, snow leopards, lynx and other creatures. The sanctuary rests on 67 acres of land is well worth the value.

Glazer’s Children Museum:

If you’re visiting Tampa with your kids and prefer some indoor fun (as most outdoor activities are weather dependent), you might want to consider going to the Glazer’s Children Museum. It’s a 53,000 square foot space filled with tons of interactive exhibits which teach children all manners of things, from the human body, math, and science to art. It also has an ‘Engineer’s Workshop’ where kids get to design stuff with giant Legos.

Tampa Bay History Center:

If you’re a fan of history, look no further than the Tampa Bay History Center; this Smithsonian affiliated museum has many different historical exhibits to capture your interest.

Before planning your next trip, be sure to search online for cheap airline tickets for Tampayou can get some good deals.