When the sun starts to set, more risks arise on the road. Driving at night can be a great challenge for all motorists. While it might be hard to tell if the black shape in front of the headlight is a pedestrian or a deer when driving at night, it’s not difficult to see why driving in the dark can be so daunting for most drivers.

Car accidents and fatalities on the road usually occurs at night despite the fact that driving is mostly during the day. Luckily, there are still some ways on how to be safe while driving at night.

Using Headlights

Low beam headlight can light a path in front of the car up to thirty meters, while higher beams can shine a path up to one hundred meters. If there is another vehicle which is one hundred fifty meters away, make sure to dim the headlights to make sure not to blind the other driver.

Slow Down


Driving at night requires slower speeds than driving during the day. That’s because visibility is lower during the evening than the day. It’s much harder to see and to react to pedestrians, traffic hazards, and other obstacles.

Never Drive When Drowsy


Many accidents occur because the driver is sleepy or tired. All drivers especially those who travel at night should take frequent breaks to fight fatigue.

Other Quick Tips:

  • The eyes should be checked regularly for any problems that can affect night vision.
  • The windows should be clean to prevent condensation and glare.
  • Be aware that other motorists might behave erratically, so always prepare to give them space.
  • Pay attention to pedestrians, especially near clubs and pubs around closing time.


Driving at night can not only be annoying, but it can also bring danger. It can be difficult and challenging because driving in the dark is different from driving during the day. Vision is minimal which makes it hard to see pedestrians and other users of the road. However, driving in the night can be great because of reduced traffic, that’s why drivers should pay attention to the things they need to do to be safe.