Be it your first trip or the tenth one, travelling with children can be challenging. There are several formalities to be completed at the airport and kids tend to want attention or throw a tantrum at the most inconvenient times. Parents often worry about how to keep them entertained and ensure their safety. While most toddlers behave well, some can get cranky.

However, there are some things you can do to make it a whole lot easier to travel with kids. And don’t forget to check for flight offers, as India gives discounts for small children. Here are some other great tips to make traveling with your young one much easier.

Avoid Over Packing

When travelling with babies, parents tend to stuff in every possible belonging. This can prevent you from finding important stuff on time, which might worsen an already bad situation. All you will require is pacifiers, snacks, smart devices, diapers and wet wipes, water bottle and their favourite toys. These are enough to keep them engaged and comfortable during the flight. If you have children who can paint or draw, you may as well carry art supplies.

Put Them to Sleep

Sound sleep can help children be fresh and happy. They are less likely to scream, create a mess or become grumpy or irritable. Therefore, it’s a great idea to plan your flight at a time your child typically sleeps. A sleeping child is a blessing in a flight.

You will not have to attend to them or entertain their requests every now and then. If you’ve checked flight booking offers, make a list of all the things they will need. Also, ensure they are wearing comfortable clothes so they can rest easily.

Load Your Phone

The best way to keep kids engaged today is to give them a smartphone. There are tons of games, music and cartoons online to will keep them hooked for hours. This will also prevent them from disturbing other passengers. So, download puzzles, shooting or dress up games and some episodes of their favorite shows to keep your child entertained through the airport wait time and during the flight. You can also make a playlist based on their music preference.

Carry Food

If you are traveling with an infant, keep baby cereals, milk and sterilized water handy. Hungry children are nothing short of a nightmare and feeding them from on time can comfort them. If you have toddlers or slightly older children, carry gummy bears, chocolates and fruit juices. Let them munch on healthy snacks whenever they wish to for a peaceful journey. Most domestic flights offer delicious chicken sandwiches and banana chips in case the child wants to have some.

Request an Aisle Seat

While booking through flight offers in India, grab an aisle seat. The child will have easy access to the washroom. In fact, when they start acting up you can just let them stand beside you for a bit. Sitting with little ones on your lap for hours might be painful. You will be able to stretch yourself easily when required. Lastly, an aisle seat allows you to exit the aircraft faster than others.

With the right hacks, travelling with your little one is not a big deal. Try to keep your composure and appreciate the child when they behave well. This will go a long way to keep the journey trouble free.