Tips when travelling to the Kruger National Park

Tips when travelling to the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is a dream wildlife destination. For anyone with a travel bucket list, the Kruger is generally on there somewhere. And if it isn’t, well it should be. Getting to the bottom of Africa, from anywhere overseas, can take quite a toll, so for many travellers wanting to spend time in this world-famous nature reserve, the trip is a once in a lifetime experience.

And it is an experience well worth every cent!

The Kruger National Park is situated in the north-eastern corner of South Africa, encompassing an area the size of Wales. Here, you will find almost every kind of animal found in Southern Africa.

To make the most of the trip, one should plan on spending at least a week exploring the various roads, paths and lookout points. Soaking up that warm African sun, which shines brightly in all seasons, a trip to the Kruger is a real vacation and one made all the better when you are prepared.

Tips to consider before you travel

As you can imagine, making the journey to Africa requires some planning. You need to find the right safari company to work with for a start, and you have to make sure that when you arrive on the continent you have transport and accommodation booked.

Once the bookings are out of the way, here are some things to consider:

·         Have you been to the doctor to fill crucial prescriptions and to have a chat about malaria medication? The Kruger is in a malaria zone, so it is important to take preventative measures.

·         Is all of your paperwork up to date and in order? For instance, if you need a visa, have you received it? And is your passport still valid?

·         Have you packed everything you will need during your time in the park?

Remember to pack things like binoculars, a camera, and comfortable shoes. A hat, sunscreen and some sunglasses won’t go amiss either, even if you visit during the winter months.

Tips for your safari

You’ve been on the plane for hours, made your way through customs, and travelled to the park. The norm with most safari companies is to let guests take some time to settle into their accommodation before heading off on the first safari of the trip. When the time comes to get into the park, there is some information that you could find helpful. Keep these few tips in mind.

·   Respect your guide. All guided safaris are led by an experienced guide who will keep you safe. Guides can tell whether or not the animal is agitated or irritated and their knowledge has saved more than one safari vehicle from being stormed by an angry elephant or rhino. Listen carefully to what they say and follow their instructions closely.

· Leave the animals be. That means no waving your arms or shouting to get their attention, and it definitely means no feeding the animals. The moment you enter the park, you are no longer in your world; you are in a world that belongs to the animals.

·    Get up early. Whether you are on a self-drive safari or a guided one, early mornings are part of the experience. Before the sun reaches its zenith, and that searing heat knocks the breath out of you, you need to be in the park. Animals shy away from the heat, so trying to go on a safari at 11 am is not going to bring many sightings.

Be realistic. One thing that many people tend to overlook is that the park is not a zoo. Animals are not going to appear on demand and there is a good chance that you will not see some of the animals you’d hoped would make an appearance. Be realistic.

·   If you are self-driving, book the right rental. This is Africa after all, and some of the best roads in the Kruger are off the beaten track. While you don’t need a massive 4 x 4 vehicle, having something more than a city car is worth it.

Seeing wild animals up close while in the Kruger will leave you in awe.

I hope you will find some of these tips helpful. The web is loaded with other information that can make leave you feeling better prepared for your safari.

Written by Leigh Anne Harber – content writer for the category – safaris in the Kruger National Park – Mo Afrika Tours       


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