Top 5 Things To Do In Atlanta

Top 5 Things To Do In Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing, liveliest, and most diverse cities not only in the south but in the entire nation. There are a variety of interesting neighborhoods all across the city, each with their own distinctive flavor, sites, and things to do. Known as the Capital Of The South, you will be amazed at just how vibrant and bustling this metropolis is and with the incredible variety of cultures, activities, foods, and shopping on offer. Whether you’re just passing through for a day or two on an RV rental journey or are making it a singular destination and staying for longer, there are a number of must-dos for any traveler hitting up this southern jewel of a city.

Georgia Aquarium

It doesn’t matter if you’re in town with the kids or just with adults, the Georgia Aquarium is a required spot to visit. This massive aquarium features an incredible range of marine life of all kinds housed within an intricately laid out facility that is easily one of the top designed aquariums in the country, if not the world. There are over 10,000 types of creatures housed here from the smallest of fish to massive whale sharks. One of the top attractions is the albino alligators which are a spectacular and scary sight. You can watch them in their natural habitats, thankfully from afar, and marvel at their prehistoric menace. Another amazing thing to witness is the sea lions. You can watch as trainers interact with them and have them perform amazing tricks. Certified visitors can even dive or snorkel with the sharks as part of the dive program at the aquarium. For those who want to stay safely outside of the tank, there is a tunnel that goes through the shark tank that allows you to come face to face with these predators from behind glass.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This immaculate botanical garden is both massive and incredibly well laid out. There are an incredible amount of different faunas and landscapes to check out here, all within easy distance of one another. On a warm sunny day you can easily spend hours here wandering the grounds. There are a wide range of different types of gardens featuring a range of trees and flower beds. Highlights here include the Fuqua Orchid Center, the Orchid Display House, Winter Garden, and the Desert House. You will also find the Rose garden with one of the largest collections of hydrangeas in the country. One of the unique features is the elevated boardwalk that allows visitors to walk amongst the treetops. There is even a children’s garden for those that have their kids along. Framed against the skyline backdrop of Atlanta, the Botanical Gardens are a pleasant place to spend an afternoon in Atlanta. For any traveler who has been spending long hours on the road in an RV rental, the Botanical Garden is a great place to relax.

Center For Civil And Human Rights

Atlanta was in the center of the civil rights movement in America, and you can explore this history at this incredible museum. Here you can learn about the history of the Jim Crow Laws through tapes of television newscasts, speeches, photos, videos, and interactive experiences that allow visitors a window right into the heart of the struggle. An interesting aspect of this museum is how it ties in the Atlanta struggle to similar human rights movements worldwide, including Apartheid and the women’s rights movements. An educational and entertaining experience, this museum is a must for historically minded travelers.

Martin Luther King National Historic Site

Here you can check out the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and the church where he and his father were ministers. You can also learn about the life and work of this amazing and benevolent civil rights leader. If you want to walk on the same ground that this great man once walked plus learn about his rise from local minister to international spearhead of the civil rights movement, this is the place.

Fox Theatre

Built in the 1920s, this much-loved landmark has seen much restoration over the years and is easily one of the most beautiful and elegant theatres in the country. A wide variety of different types of entertainment are featured here, including many national touring music acts, comedians, operas, and ballets. Whether you’re checking out a show or taking a daytime tour of this historic theatre, it is highly worth checking out.

This diverse and very lively city has plenty to see and do across its wide range of neighborhoods. Atlanta is a unique combination of laid back and bustling, with great things to see, wonderful food and shopping, and plenty to do during your stay. Anyone on an RV rental trip in the south is highly advised to stop through.


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