Portugal is located in the southern part of Europe with a costal line size of 800 kilometres. It has a broad range of enticing destinations that can entertain any tourist who visit it. The capital city is another pearl of luxury and entertainment since it is impregnated with luxurious amenities and cool environment. Portugal is a nation that fulfils the ambitions of every tourists regardless of his or her touring goals. If you are not from mainland Europe, it is advised that you fly to Portugal rather than catching a plane and alike. To book a flight to Portugal, you can compare cheap flights from various online websites. Religious tours, adventure tours, business tours and educational tours can be perfectly sorted since there are a lot of resources to cater for all these activities.

Azenhas do Mar, Portugal coastal town.

  1. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

This is one of the Iconic places that is located near Tugus River. The building was made in the form of Manualine Style of Architecture. It is the Monastery in the order of Saint Jerome. It is a historical centre and religious centre where people can go and relax in its cool grounds. The place is highly protected, but authorised visitors are normally allowed to enter the premises.

  1. Oceanário de Lisboa

It is the most beautiful aquarium in the whole of Portugal and arguable the biggest of all. It is a compelling place where different fish varieties are reared among other interesting aquatic animals. To add on to this spectacular view, the nearby landscapes have penguins, sea otters and beautiful birds where people can enjoy taking pictures and enjoying natural breeze.

  1. PalácioNacional de Sintra

Sintra was termed a world Heritage Cultural Landscape by the UNESCO organisation owing to its attractive environment and location. It stands out from the other buildings because it’s a complex of tall buildings that is iconised by two conical chimneys which makes it to be easily identified. The place boosts wooden range of mountains which are good for those who love mountain climbing and adventure.


  1. Torre de Belém

This is a historical Monument that remains to reveal the economic and social history of Portugal. It is a medieval tower that was used as a sailing point for those who conducted business voyages and traded along the ocean. The place represents the age of discovery when people started making inventions. Visiting this place would make you learn a lot of things about Portugal.

  1. Convento do Cristo

This castle is located in Tomar town along the Riverside place. It was the headquarters of Order of the Knights Templar and renowned religious centre where people would gather and worship every Sunday. The ancient Charola is located in this region as well. If you like to know the revolution of the church, the word of God and many religious things, this is the place to visit.

Take not that various places have different features which are meant to fulfil the desires of the traveller. Depending on your journey purpose, therefore, make sure that you choose the best place for yourself.