Deep Sea Fishing means fishing in the deeper part of the sea. Deep sea refers to the deep layer of the ocean, called the ‘photic’ zone. Deep sea fishing is a serious game or sport, and it requires some level of expertise and dedication in fishing, unlike regular fishing which anyone can do.

Most people take up this sport for the experience and the adventure, and not necessarily for food. Some even release their catch after taking photographs of their catch. There are different ways to catch fish – one can use a net, or use bait and hook the fish or you can even use a spear for some species. 

How does Deep Sea Fishing onboard Voyager differ from regular fishing?

Delighted you asked! By going out on the Voyager Deep Sea Fishing boat into the deeper waters of the Atlantic, the angler is exposed to a wide variety of deep sea fish. These are entirely different from your routine shallow water fish. We are talking big game fish – tuna, sharks, swordfish, and marlin to name a few. You usually will not find these types of sport fish closer to shore, as they need open and deeper waters to feed. Vacationing swimmers and sun seekers are grateful for that.

You would need a boat to take you to the deeper end of the sea. You can always charter a boat if you don’t own one from Panama City fishing charters. Another good reason to charter a boat is that the boat captain will know the best fishing locations.

Not only are they experts in location, they will make sure that you are travelling safely and also they will know about the endangered species, which the Government is very strict about preserving. Deep sea fishing charters have different packages to suit your need, and the number of hours you would want to be out in the sea. Some of the popular deep sea fishing areas is Gulf of Mexico, Areas around Florida and Phuket.

You’d need good fishing equipments. Now-a-days there are many sophisticated electronic devices such as fish finder, GPS, charts, etc which you can buy to increase your catch. There are many different varieties of fish in the deep sea, from sharks, tuna, dolphin, mackerel, kingfish, and lots more.

It is important to bear in mind that that are some endangered species. It is good to bear in mind that you’ll need to have loads of patience as it might take hours before you catch your first fish. Don’t be disappointed if your catch is not as big as you wanted or if you didn’t catch a particular fish you had in mind. Sometimes it takes several trips to the deep sea to get what you want, which in fact makes this sport even more interesting.

It is also advisable to go over your plan in detail with your guide before you set sail. This is called ‘pre-sailing check’. Since you’ll be spending money for the experience, you should get your money’s worth if not in terms of catching plenty of fish, but at least in terms of the fun and adventure you get. Lastly do not drink too much beer while fishing, don’t forget to wear a sun screen and make sure you pack your camera.